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Half Term tips with pyjamas and pancakes
17 Feb 2015



“Marmar was the only adult I knew who could lie in later than teenagers.” 

Marie, Marmar's granddaughter


Marmar was never fond of getting up or getting dressed.  She preferred to stay in her dressing gown for as long as possible – often until late afternoon. With half term here, I can picture children still in their pyjamas hours after they would normally be at school. Today, millions of children and grown-ups will be eating pancakes, many still in their pyjamas. 

Marmar loved pancakes.  On Pancake Day, we would eagerly watch her whip up the batter, then melt a large yellow blob of butter in the pan.  Her pancake party trick was to toss the pancake, sending it somersaulting high in the air and landing anywhere between her shoes and the ceiling. She encouraged us to have a go without a care in the world if our budding attempts at this culinary challenge meant a Jackson Pollock style mess of flour, milk, eggs, and pancake detritus flung around the kitchen.  Children are naturally gifted at making a mess. This half term, Marmar would want you to enjoy the mess, but also to teach them how to clear up!  And, like your daughters do so well, enjoy the comfort of pyjamas, especially on Pancake Day.


Marmar was my mum.  Her legacy to my sisters and I includes parenting wisdom, wit and a bottomless pit of patience.  She had her flaws though, as all parents do. I didn't realise how much she meant to me, and to my daughters, until she died. 

So many parents have told me they miss their own family being nearby to help bring up their darlings. I thought you might like some parenting tips from Marmar. A small act of kindness written with love like Marmar would, to help you with all the modern problems of raising daughters.  She would prefer me to write a proper letter to you, but she had a habit of leaving notes for us written on the back of old envelopes on the kitchen table.  I hope you find these jottings useful and fun. Marmar would want you to put your feet up to read them.
This is also an invitation to share your own  'Marmar' stories. A friend told me her mum always said " It will be alright in the morning." What did your mum, or dad, do or say, that you have found valuable in raising your darlings? Please do share your memories for all of us in the comments box, or on the Darling Daughters Facebook page.