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Every mum's a winner
1 Mar 2015


Tesco's the ‘Mum of the Year’ awards at the Savoy hotel in London, and you’re invited.


Most of us won’t have had an invitation from Tesco’s to this glittering event. Hosted by Zoe Ball and other celebrities keen to show their support and congratulate the winners. The media will be out in force bringing the nation’s attention to those wonderful and humble mums who are winners today. But I believe all mums are winners. You do your best, most of the time, and that’s fine. Forget being perfect.


To your darlings, you are ‘The best mummy in the world’ anyway -  you don’t need to be a Tesco’s winner to prove that.  Marmar was a great believer in supporting mums to enjoy being mums. She would want you to ‘pat yourself on the back’ and not be swamped by guilt or self doubt.  She would be giving you a prize today because you love and care about your children. That makes you a prize winner everyday. Share this with other mums (and dads) who you think deserve a parenting prize too.

Liz (Your Sister) - 2nd March 2015
Those kitchen table notes were so much more than just words or instructions.They were delivered with thought and foresight to our feelings as we read them,knowing that she cared enough to touch base with us in her absence.


Marmar was my mum.  Her legacy to my sisters and I includes parenting wisdom, wit and a bottomless pit of patience.  She had her flaws though, as all parents do. I didn't realise how much she meant to me, and to my daughters, until she died. 

So many parents have told me they miss their own family being nearby to help bring up their darlings. I thought you might like some parenting tips from Marmar. A small act of kindness written with love like Marmar would, to help you with all the modern problems of raising daughters.  She would prefer me to write a proper letter to you, but she had a habit of leaving notes for us written on the back of old envelopes on the kitchen table.  I hope you find these jottings useful and fun. Marmar would want you to put your feet up to read them.
This is also an invitation to share your own  'Marmar' stories. A friend told me her mum always said " It will be alright in the morning." What did your mum, or dad, do or say, that you have found valuable in raising your darlings? Please do share your memories for all of us in the comments box, or on the Darling Daughters Facebook page.