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It's mad out there - what's working for you as a parent?
4 Jul 2016




Dear Parents,


You have been on my mind. As I write, it's a very turbulent time here in the UK with Brexit, and our political parties in chaos.  Familes are divided over Brexit,  kids are wondering what on earth the grownups are up to,  and parents are unsure how to respond. Before all this kicked off, there was more than enough to worry parents today from technology issues, the pressure for kids to succeed at school or Uni,  how to deal with nasty friends - just to name three!


So, this is a quick update to say that I am busy writing my next book all about 21st Century Parenting. My goal is to write a quick, useful and memorable read with very simple tips and tools rooted in the latest research on what parents need to focus on most to help a child grow up well. By 'well,' I mean happy, confident, independent and able to take the knocks and failures life will bring them. To have strong values they learned at home to sustain them and guide them. It's what parents I coach want, but that can be hard when every day feels busy and stressful. What has happened to hope? I believe it has never been a better time to be a parent too, and I want to help you draw a line under what's been going on at home. Recreate a fresh vision on how you want to raise your kids, however old they are, and at the same time ease the stress and anxieties. 


Marmar would want me to focus on that.  Before Alzheimers took over her mind, she would often say to me she thought working with parents was very important, and good thing to do. She could tell (as mothers usually can) that I had found a job I loved where I don't notice time passing. Nothing gives me greater joy than coaching parents to move from anxiety to confidence.


I want this book to reach parents out there who struggle to ask for help and I need your help to do that. Please send me your own tips, tales and ideas that HELP you be a parent in today's wonderful and crazy world. Let's not sit on this stuff. Let's pass it on, as if we all lived round the corner from each other. Drop me a line at info@darlingdaughters.org.  I hope to hear from you.  Thank you.


Marmar was my mum.  Her legacy to my sisters and I includes parenting wisdom, wit and a bottomless pit of patience.  She had her flaws though, as all parents do. I didn't realise how much she meant to me, and to my daughters, until she died. 

So many parents have told me they miss their own family being nearby to help bring up their darlings. I thought you might like some parenting tips from Marmar. A small act of kindness written with love like Marmar would, to help you with all the modern problems of raising daughters.  She would prefer me to write a proper letter to you, but she had a habit of leaving notes for us written on the back of old envelopes on the kitchen table.  I hope you find these jottings useful and fun. Marmar would want you to put your feet up to read them.
This is also an invitation to share your own  'Marmar' stories. A friend told me her mum always said " It will be alright in the morning." What did your mum, or dad, do or say, that you have found valuable in raising your darlings? Please do share your memories for all of us in the comments box, or on the Darling Daughters Facebook page.